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Founded in 1990, "Vivianne Debbas Joaillerie" provides a
professional setting for sales of Jewels designed by Viviane
Debbas. She chose Paris as a launching ground to her first
collections and boutique.

In 1993, she established her first shop in Beirut in Sofil center.

In 2000, she chooses the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel to open
her second shop near the down town.

Finally in 2009 she moves in the heart of Beirut in a sumptuous shop
on Park Boulevard the most glamorous place in down town. An
expert eye in the matter of style and quality, Vivianne Debbas
incessantly creates and recreates exquisite designs.

From sumptuous adornments to pieces susceptible to
complementing every woman, the jewels of Vivianne Debbas feasts
the eye and represents the artist's passion for her work

Vivianne Debbas has a distinctive style, created from a blend of oriental and occidental cultures, generosity and magic, elegance and singularity, tradition and modernity. You can discover the magic of trendy and shiny jewels, whether in a simple bracelet or in a sumptuous assortitment set. This trend marks the attributes of the label that bears her name. She likes to mingle Tahiti and South Sea pearls with precious and semi-precious stones, gold, wood and other materials. Many incorporate are inspired by archaeological pieces, especially coins founded in Lebanon.

Her creative heaven and pedestal to the itinerant shows held, on a regular basis, in several cities of Europe (Paris, Cannes, Marbella, Monaco) and the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar). In order to provide her clients with the best possible, she regularly holds exhibition in Europe and in the Middle east. Who better understands the needs of woman than woman herself? Vivianne Debbas, jewellery with a feminine edge.

On the other hand, Vivianne Debbas invested herself in social works, she is the founder of "Sister Marie Abel" association in Lebanon, she helps the children with a social cases. In 2008, she took the representation in Lebanon of the association "Innocence in danger" to launch in Lebanon under the name of "Himaya" to protect the children against psychological, physical and sexual abuses.

Once upon a time there was a grandmother and her grandson, who was five years old.

"Come my darling, come give me a kiss"
The kid kept silent and did not answer.
"If you give me a kiss I'll give you a candy."
Suddenly the kid gets up and runs to collect his candy.
Himaya was born on that day.

"Himaya, for innocence in danger"

This little story is not uncommon or unheard of. In our youth, how many times have we been told: "do not speak to strangers" and how many times have we been driven to repeat it to our children and our children's children for as long as we can remember.

It is from this maternal and protective instinct that himaya came to exist, with the help and devotion of people inspired by himaya's mission, that a committee was established along with a close partnership with arcenciel, whose huge resources and great support enabled us to grow fast and effectively.

Himaya aims to protect young victims of incest, pedophilia or any other type of abuse. Himaya aims to break the silence that contributes to hiding child abuse in our society. Himaya aims to offer as many children as possible the necessary life skills to protect themselves.